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NIVEA Family Day – High Personal Commitment

The third NIVEA Family Employee Activation was launched under the slogan “This is your day”. As part of our global social initiative “NIVEA cares for family”, teams from almost 40 countries came together over the Christmas period and the turn of the year 2015/2016 to organize a wide range of social campaigns to support families in their local communities. Employees planned and realized their ideas with great enthusiasm, ranging from an internal flea market to an auction of their own children’s paintings.

Our Vietnam team celebrated a colorful party in Ho Chi Minh City, with our employees’ families and children pitching in enthusiastically. The event was organized personally by our local colleagues and featured games and many activities. The raised funds were then donated to the local NIVEA Family project “Blue Library”.

Our employees in Argentina donated 100 trees and planted these together with their families in a public park. In Poland our colleagues took a very pragmatic approach: Here, the local NIVEA team organized a bunk bed and other furnishings at short notice for a family in financial difficulty.

The range of possibilities is just as diverse as the range of cultures and countries in the NIVEA world. Every year we encourage our employees to contribute – and every year we realize their creativity knows no boundaries. Two good examples: Our employees in Serbia set up a charity soccer tournament, with our colleagues representing Team Beiersdorf playing against other local teams for the good cause. An impressive 320 employees took part in the Nivea Family Employee Activation in Chile, delighting a neighboring kindergarten with sacks of Christmas presents.

Campaigns like these improve the everyday lives of disadvantaged families – and our participating teams also benefit. Employees from differing departments get involved outside regular working hours in a good cause, generating fresh team spirit and visibly emphasizing our Beiersdorf Core Value “Care”.