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TikTok influencer @notselma meets Vincent Warnery

This is something Beiersdorf’s CEO Vincent Warnery has never experienced before: An 18-year-old female influencer created NIVEA designs – and announced via social media that she wants to take over the NIVEA marketing first and then become the next CEO. Vincent Warnery himself invited Selma to visit the Beiersdorf headquarter and discuss her ambitious plans as well as her great, creative designs in person at eye level. Watch the video below to learn more about Selma’s meeting with Vincent Warnery.

The best pen was taken out. One wrote carefully on handmade paper, put the sheet in an envelope, stuck a stamp on it – and at some point, sent the letter. Several days, often even weeks later, a reply followed. In some cases, one even met – how exciting! This was called pen friendship. Something similar still exists today; it is just much faster, flashier, more direct, more digital. And the whole world is watching.

This is how TikTok influencer Selma (@notselma) and Beiersdorf CEO Vincent Warnery met.

TikTok influencer Selma (@notselma) & Beiersdorf CEO Vincent Warnery

More than 360,000 “hearts” on TikTok

In November 2021, the 18-year-old high school student Selma from Ahrensburg (near Hamburg) posted NIVEA designs on TikTok, for example a face cream with orange. She created these designs as part of a school project. “I had so much fun doing it that I wanted to do a whole campaign right away,” she explained. Her 950,000 TikTok followers were thrilled and hit the heart-button on TikTok more than 360,000 times. Beiersdorf’s CEO Vincent Warnery also became aware that Selma’s 50-second “application video” had put her in the public eye as a designer and marketing expert as well as CEO. 

“Generation Z” meets iconic brand

“I like self-confident people who bring a fresh perspective and have something to say. That's why I recently invited Selma to our headquarters,” says Vincent Warnery. And he adds with a wink, “After all, it's never wrong to know your competitors for a highly coveted job.” After interviewing the CEO about his professional background, Selma took out her iPad and presented him the design sketches. Afterwards, Vincent Warnery offered Selma to “test sit” in his CEO chair. The young influencer, who is currently in the last semester of high school, took home a lesson of weight – the 400-plus page book on Beiersdorf’s history. “A little more background knowledge certainly can’t hurt,” the executive-to-be revealed to her TikTok community, which is more used to moving images. After her visit at the CEO office, Selma went on a tour to Hamburg’s city center – to the NIVEA and Labello Pride Shooting in the Studio NX, followed by a visit to the NIVEA Haus.

Here you can see what Selma discussed with Vincent Warnery in his office and what she experienced at NIVEA:

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