Application FAQ

How does the application process work?

Have you found an interesting position at Beiersdorf? If so, apply directly online. Please note that all application-related activities are handled by our online recruiting system, we do not accept unsolicited applications via post or e-mail. Your online application will be reviewed by our Human Resources department and also by the relevant department. If your qualifications match what we are looking for, we will invite you to a personal interview. If this interview is successful, it will be followed by a second, more in-depth meeting. Depending on the position, this may all be preceded by a telephone interview or an online test, which we will inform you about in good time. 

I didn't find a job offer, that suits my interest. Can I send a speculative application?

All job postings on the job board are up to date. If you can find anything suitable, we suggest that you register for a "Job Alert". This news alert will send you an email, as soon as a job that suits your interest is published on the website. To do so you simply have to register yourself with your name and email address in the job board and add criteria for the job you are looking for. Apart from that we do not accept speculative applications.

What is the application process for interns for our German headquarters or German subsidiaries?

As soon as you have submitted your online application, you will receive automatic confirmation that the application has arrived. If, after five weeks, you have not been informed whether you have been accepted for an interview or rejected, you will receive an intermediate reply. As many positions involve more than one team, we will review your application with several different managers in succession. We understand that this process is time-consuming for you, and would kindly ask you to notify us and withdraw your application if you accept an internship elsewhere during this time. Nevertheless, we will be pleased if you reapply at a later date. 

How to apply for the graduate traineeprogramm at HQ?

We would recommend to apply six months before you plan to start with BEYOND BORDERS. Please check the availability of your preferred program via the BEYOND BORDERS page on the homepage. To apply, please register in our online job board. If you are already registered please log in to your profile and send your application. Please make sure that all your application details are in English!

To edit your profile you will need a password. To retrieve your password please click on "Password forgotten" below the appearing login window. After entering your email address please click on "Submit Password" and you will be sent an password automatically.

If you have questions concerning the recruiting process please contact Caroline Kastner: +49 (40) 4909-01

Questions and answers for applicants registered in the Online Recruiting System

Can I interrupt my application and then continue at a later point in time?

After registering with our online recruiting system, you will receive an e-mail with the login data for your application account. This enables you to login the system as you please. You may return at a later point in time to continue with your application. The data that you have submitted before the interruption will, of course, remain saved. 

I have already submitted an application in the past. Can I apply again?

You can of course reapply if your last application was unsuccessful. However, make sure to carefully read the requirements for the position and only apply if you are sure that your experience, skills, and competencies match what we are looking for. 

What happens if I withdraw my application?

If you no longer wish your application to be considered, please withdraw it. You can, of course, reapply at any time. 

Why does Beiersdorf only accept online applications?

Online applications are economical for all involved. You do not require an application dossier, you have no postage costs, and you can easily keep your data up to date at any time – and we can process your application much more quickly. What is more, you can register on our Job Agent and define your individual searches. You will then automatically receive an e-mail as soon as a new position is published that matches your search criteria. 

What do I need to observe when making an application?

You should include a short explanation why you are applying for the position,  your CV, and the most-recent higher education or school certificates, as well as professional references or samples (if available) in digital form. If you wish, you can also attach a recent photograph of yourself. 

What happens if I change my profile while my application is being reviewed (for registered applicants)?

Any changes you make to your profile come into effect immediately and will also be transferred to previous and ongoing applications. However, make sure that you enter your data as carefully as possible before submitting your application. 

What should I attach to my application?

In addition to a completed online application form, we would like you to upload copies of all relevant documents (e.g. your CV, school certificates, and professional references). Please upload these documents as an attachment via our system (more information on acceptable file formats can be found in “Technical FAQs”). 

What should I include in my application for an internship?

Please be sure to include your high school leaving certificate, any relevant intermediate diplomas or degree certificates, an overview of your grades so far, and all professional/intern references. 

Where can I see the current status of my application?

Login to the Beiersdorf Career Center. In the “Applications” section, you will find the current status of your application.  

Who can view the data that I have submitted?

Your data can be viewed only by Human Resources staff at Beiersdorf. If you have applied for a position, the relevant managers can also view your data. Apart from that, you are the only person who can access your data. For details on how we protect your data please see our data privacy statement

How long will my data remain stored?

If you have released your profile in the Online Career Center, it is you, and only you, who decides how long the profile is available. When you decide that you do not want your data to be accessible, you can lock your profile – and you are then no longer “visible” for us. Alternatively, you can delete your entire registration – which means your data is also deleted. However, if you delete your entire registration, you will have to reenter all relevant data if you wish to apply at Beiersdorf at a later date. For details on how we protect your data please see our data privacy statement

Technical FAQ

What are the requirements for a password?

Your password needs to be at least 8 characters long, must contain at least one upper and one lower case letter, one number and one special character.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

You will find a “Forgotten Password” link underneath the login fields. Please enter your username and/or the email address that you submitted when registering on the following page. Within a few minutes, you will receive a new password, which you will need to change the next time you login. 

What should I do if I cannot access the system and an error message appears?

Are you still online? Is your Internet connection still active? Are pop-ups or JavaScript deactivated in your browser? That you can fix by changing the settings in your browser settings. If this does not work, contact our Technical Support (Hotline: +49-40-4909-3000).

Which formats and file sizes are suitable for document upload?

For technical reasons you are only able to upload Microsoft Office, tif, png, and PDF files. Please do not upload more than 5 MB altogether. Please note that you should avoid ZIP files or password-protected files as they cannot be processed! We recommend converting your documents into PDF format – you can find a number of free PDF conversion tools online

What should I do if I have forgotten my username?

If you've forgotten your username, please contact our Technical Support using this e-mail form. They will then get in touch with you as quickly as possible.