Privacy Policy Beiersdorf Quiz App

With this privacy policy we would like to inform you about the collection, processing and use of personal data associated with using our Beiersdorf Quiz App.  

Please note that the use of the Beiersdorf Quiz App is restricted to employees of Beiersdorf AG (hereafter “Beiersdorf”).

1. Data Administrator

The data administrator responsible for the collection, processing and use of personal data as defined by the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) is  

Beiersdorf AG
Beiersdorfstraße 1-9

Tel.: +49 (0) 40 - 4909 0

How to object to the processing of your personal data according to the relevant data protection provisions or withdraw access authorizations already given will be found in the respective sections below.

2. The Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

Personal data are information about your personal or material circumstances, e.g. name, birth date, email address, telephone number or postal address as well as your health.  

Beiersdorf utilizes the personal data that you have made available as required for the creation, execution or termination of a contractual or similar obligation with you, specifically for authentication, registration and use of the Beiersdorf Quiz App.  

For the use of personal data for other purposes (specifically marketing purposes), Beiersdorf will always obtain your explicit consent before the collection of data.

3. Access Authorization for Services on Your Device

The Beiersdorf Quiz App solely accesses those services of your smartphone or tablet (device) that are required for using the Beiersdorf Quiz App and necessary for the described purposes.  

Before accessing the respective services the following access authorizations will be presented to you:

  • Access to file system of your device for saving the data you produce.

4. Changing Your Personal Settings

At any time you can withdraw or re-grant the access authorizations that have been granted in your personal settings of your device (under “Privacy”). If you withdraw individual access authorizations of your Beiersdorf Quiz App, this may lead to restricted function.

5. Push Notifications

If you have agreed to receive push notifications, we will deliver push notifications with reminders (“Time to play again!”) to your device. You will see these push notifications on your lock screen as an active window while using your device and as a symbol on the app icon on your device.

You can stop receiving push notifications at any time by turning them off in the personal settings of your device.

6. How Long Your Data is Stored Locally

The data saved locally on your device while using the Beiersdorf Quiz App will only be saved until you delete it or remove the Beiersdorf Quiz App from your device. If you decide to delete the Beiersdorf Quiz App, we will ask you once again if you agree to permanently delete all data associated with the Beiersdorf Quiz App.

7. How Long Your Data is Stored by Beiersdorf

The data you have made available to us will only be stored by us as long as it is necessary for fulfilling the purpose for which you provided us with your data or it is necessary to comply with legal provisions.
Stored Data:

  • Login data (registration with Beiersdorf email and use under nickname)
  • Max: login data and statistical data (gender, age group, function)
  • Email addresses for “Invite Colleagues” and push notifications
  • Quiz results and high scores

8. Disclosure Restrictions

It may be required for Beiersdorf to pass your personal information on to other related companies within the Beiersdorf group or to external service providers who act exclusively on our instructions. This type of service provider may be, for example, contracted for hosting the data. Beiersdorf requires of all related companies within the Beiersdorf group and its external service providers that they use your personal information exclusively in compliance with our guidelines and consistent with this privacy policy as well as the legal requirements for contract data processing.    

Apart from this, we do not provide your personal information without your permission to third parties, nor do we sell or rent data. However, we reserve the right to disclose information about you when we are legally required to do so or legitimate authorities or law enforcement agencies require us to surrender information.

9. Contact, Information, Objection, Blocking, Deletion

You are free to object at any time to the future use of your personal information, initiate a partial or complete deletion or block or request to be informed about your personal data that we have saved or the correction thereof. Use of a particular form is not required. Direct any objection to Beiersdorf AG, Customer Center, Hopfenbruchweg 6, Shwerin 19059 or contact us by email at

10. Data Security

We have technical and structural measures in place in order to protect your data from loss, alteration or unauthorized access. We continuously improve these security measures following technological development.

11. Updates and Changes

We may update or change parts of the privacy policy without informing you first. Please review the privacy policy each time before you use our product to remain informed of possible changes or updates. States: March 2017.