Beiersdorf and Rubedo announce multi-year partnership to develop breakthrough anti-aging solution

Hamburg, April 23, 2024 – Beiersdorf and Rubedo Life Science have entered into a multi-year strategic partnership to develop a breakthrough anti-aging solution for the global face care market. This partnership represents a fusion of Beiersdorf’s leadership in skin care innovation with Rubedo’s complementary expertise in targeting cellular senescence. Beiersdorf additionally joins Rubedo as investor, having participated in its recently closed Series A financing round through its Oscar & Paul Corporate Venture Capital Fund.

The goal of this collaboration is to make use of Rubedo’s cutting-edge research in the field of cellular senescence and Beiersdorf’s market presence to develop groundbreaking anti-aging products. The partnership revolves around the exploration of novel compounds derived from Rubedo’s extensive research programs, specifically targeting cellular senescence. Senescent cells [Latin senescere = to grow old, to age] accumulate with age and cause inflammation, which may contribute to age-related skin changes and pathologies. These compounds will be sourced from Rubedo’s topical dermatology program, which have senolytic and anti-inflammatory properties.

“Our mission is to define the future of skin care through breakthrough innovation,” commented Beiersdorf CEO Vincent Warnery. “By partnering with Rubedo and combining cutting-edge expertise from both sides, we aim to redefine the standards in anti-age skincare.”

Dr. Gitta Neufang, Corporate Senior Vice President Global R&D added: “Following our ambition to be the leading innovator in skin care, we see enormous potential in the very dynamic research field of cellular senescence to develop superior solutions for skin rejuvenation.”

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Beiersdorf, a recognized global leader in the cosmetics and skin care industry to develop new products that address skin aging,” said Marco Quarta, CEO of Rubedo Life Sciences. “By combining Rubedo’s expertise in cellular senescence with Beiersdorf’s expertise in skin care innovation, this partnership may revolutionize the landscape of skin care products, offering consumers new solutions that treat cellular aging for healthy and youthful-looking skin.”

Rubedo’s innovative approach to compound development, coupled with Beiersdorf’s leading global brand platforms, is poised to set new standards in anti-aging skin care and develop new solutions for the multibillion face care market.

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