“Colorful, diverse, inspiring” – that was the “Future Day 2022” at Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf opened on April 28 its doors for “Future Day” (formerly “Girls’ and Boys’ Day”) and offered 60 children and young people an eventful day. This year, for the first time, 30 children from neighboring schools in Eimsbüttel, including children from the Future of Ghana initiative, took part alongside 30 employee children.  

In many departments of the company, dedicated teams had prepared exciting, creative and interesting activities for the young guests, giving them the opportunity to learn about future professions far removed from outdated role models and gender stereotypes, and to address various questions from everyday working life:

Input wanted: “How do you imagine the workplace of the future?” was the question.

  • In the “Escape Room” the kids slipped into the role of hackers, learned a lot about the topic of cyber security, and learned why passwords should be secure.
  • Together with the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) team, the students discovered how important this topic is at Beiersdorf and what role it plays in product development, for example.
  • The Campus team invited the children and young people to develop creative ideas for the workplace of the future. Using their own mood boards, the kids illustrated their ideas and wishes.
  • The interdisciplinary project team from the Technology Center presented the technical apprenticeships at Beiersdorf and reported on their own professional experiences.

Just try it out: The children and young people learned to program a simple game.

Two other highlights were made possible by long-time partners ITgirls and Hacker School: Lena John from ITgirls gave the kids an insight into what she has made her mission: Uncovering and overcoming gender prejudices in the IT industry. There was a lot of tinkering and laughing as they programmed together with Dr. Julia Freudenberg from the Hacker School, who, supported by Beiersdorf’s IT trainees, enabled the children to program their own computer game. In this way, the day with its various offerings was able to outline the diverse possibilities of the professional world and broaden horizons.


The CEO in the middle of it all: Vincent Warnery on a flying visit at the Future Day with all participants and the team.

For Valerie Kruck, Head of Social Commitments, who put the colorful program together with a team from various departments, including Beiersdorf trainees, it was a successful day: “The children know NIVEA, but only a few knew Beiersdorf. So it’s all the nicer to use an event like this to raise awareness of what Beiersdorf stands for – in all its facets. Many children emphasized that they would only buy products from companies that are committed to sustainability and social responsibility, for example.” There was also positive feedback from the participants: “1000 times better than school,” they said, or “diverse, great offerings,” “super nice people,” or “delicious food” – the children and young people praised the colorful and varied program. “It was great to experience the day together with the kids and to hear from quite a few that they would like to be part of Beiersdorf one day,” Valerie Kruck sums up. Unexpected feedback came from the head of a participating school, who thanked Beiersdorf for the inspiring offer and announced with a wink that they would soon be sending their teachers for training...

The idea of “Future Day”

Nationwide action day for stereotype-free career orientation: Children and young people are to gain insights into various occupational fields that are often still tainted by stereotypical role models and clichés.

Further information

  • ITgirls: Want to show the impact that women in IT will have on society in the future.
  • Hacker School: Prepares children for the future with fun IT courses.
  • Future of Ghana: Shows how important it is for all children to be able to pursue their dreams independently and with self-confidence.

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