For Sustainable Land Use

For Sustainable Land Use

Natural resources are an important basis for the development of our product formulas. Neither through the procurement nor through the use of these raw materials do we want to burden or damage the environment. Sustainable land use and thus also the preservation of biodiversity in regions from which we source our raw materials is therefore a central concern for us.

Our goal is to source our main renewable raw materials from sustainable sources by 2025. Our main raw materials such as palm (kernel) oil derivatives, soy, tallow and paper should also be sourced deforestation-free by 2025.

We have had robust sustainability programs in place for palm-based raw materials and paper-based packaging for many years. Similar programs for other raw materials are currently under development.

Paper-based materials

Since we use paper and cardboard for many of our product packagings, it is important to us to also source this natural resource sustainably.

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    We have established a “Sustainable Paper and Cardboard Policy” with the goal to switch to 100% sustainable paper and cardboard materials worldwide by 2020.
    Today, already 100% of our folding boxes, which we use to pack our face creams, for example, are made of FSC-certified material (“Forest Stewardship Council”). However, we did not reach our target in all regions for other paper-based packaging such as shipping boxes, and other Point of Sales materials. Therefore, we are currently working intensively on switching over further paper-based materials to FSC-certified or recycled paper.

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