Corporate Sustainability Management Team

Jean-Francois Pascal

Vice President Corporate Sustainability

Dorle Bahr

Head of Environmental
Strategy & Human Rights

Valerie Kruck

Global Head of Social Commitments

Peer Petersen

Head of Sustainable
Transformation & Innovation

Organizational Structure

The Corporate Sustainability department controls and monitors the measures implemented, and reports directly to the respective Executive Board Member. During implementation at our various sites around the world, the Corporate Sustainability department also works closely with a network of sustainability experts and promoters who contribute their expertise, for example in human resources (HR), marketing, and the supply chain, and help us achieve our sustainability goals at a local level. In addition, we are integrating our sustainability goals more and more into our core corporate processes, for example within the framework of our innovation management.
We know that sustainability can only be achieved if there is sufficient awareness of it at all levels in the company, and if it is well understood and genuinely lived by every individual. That is why we regularly inform our employees about our strategy and goals as well as different projects and initiatives. We encourage our employees to participate in our sustainability activities and get involved proactively. This way we integrate sustainability into our day-to-day work.

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