Discover our sustainability highlights of 2023, when we continued to deliver against our CARE BEYOND SKIN Sustainability agenda – making a measurable and positive contribution to both environment and society.


Nonfinancial Statement 2023

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CO2e neutral

The new production center in Leipzig, Germany operates on a CO2e-neutral basis.

Since 2023, all deodorant cans in the European assortment of NIVEA, 8X4, Hidrofugal, and Hansaplast have a significantly improved environmental footprint: They contain at least 50% recycled aluminum (sourced from the European market) and have around 12% less weight due to material reduction as well as around 58% less CO2e emissions (~30 tons of CO2e/year).


reduction of absolute CO2e emissions (in scope 1,2 and 3 (vs. 2018))


The NIVEA Lip Care assortment has been reworked intensively in the past year, leading to a reduction of 250t of CO2e emissions per year. The new products have plastic-free folding boxes made from recycled and FSC-certified paper. The sticks are now made of fully recyclable material and almost all product formulas contain 99% ingredients of natural origin (except UV filters).


switched to a biomass balanced adhesive from mostly upcycled and renewable sources for a large number of products.


The iconic creme tin now comes with 80% recycled aluminium

Eucerin is 100% free of microplastic.


rolled-out its first refill concept for jars – reducing plastic consumption by ~90%.


In 2023, Beiersdorf launched its first global CARE BEYOND SKIN Day. With 10,000 employees in 68 countries contributing over 50,000 hours to support 100 charitable organizations, the initiative exemplifies Beiersdorf's commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Through diverse activities employees worldwide made a direct, positive impact in their communities, reflecting Beiersdorf's mission to CARE BEYOND SKIN.

Our global volunteering day.

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10,000+ employees

volunteering in 68 countries


TARGET overachieved

400,000+ people reached

In 2023, we exceeded our Empowering Girls pledge: We reached more than 400,000 instead of the projected 300,000 people through projects that empower girls and young women in Africa and Latin America.


gender parity​ at all management levels (1st-4th)

In 2023 we launched our “Women in Circularity” program which is scaling up infrastructure for plastic waste recycling organizations in Argentina, Ghana, India and Kenya, while empowering women in waste management through training and development opportunities.