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Deo (R)evolution: Freshness Boost overnight

Whether at work, during a workout or in stressful situations – sweat can be very unpleasant – yet it is a vital physiological phenomenon. But why do we sweat? And what role do deodorants and antiperspirants play in keeping us fresh? Heba Sacca, Innovation Manager at Oscar & Paul, answers our questions and explains how products like the HIDROFUGAL FORTE ÜBER NACHT Roll-on cater to these needs.

Heba Sacca,
Innovation Manager at Oscar & Paul

Heba, we all know sweating can be annoying. But why do we sweat? And what causes us to sweat?

It’s quite simple: if we wouldn’t sweat, we wouldn’t be alive as sweating helps to regulate our body temperature. By evaporating on the skin, it cools our body and protects us from life-threatening overheating.

Our sweat is produced by “eccrine” and “apocrine” sweat glands. Eccrine sweat glands are responsible for most of the sweat production. They are activated by different factors – for example heat. At high outside temperatures, the body reacts by secreting sweat to regulate body temperature – even with low physical activity.

Stress can also lead to sweating as it increases muscle tension and accelerates the pulse, which raises our body temperature. Stress sweat is primarily produced by the apocrine sweat glands and generates an unpleasant smell when in contact with bacteria on the skin.

Improper clothing, particularly synthetic materials, also promotes sweat production and can lead to unpleasant odors. And especially during physical exercise sweating is essential as it helps to dissipate the heat that is generated by muscle activity.

Often, we cannot avoid the causes of sweating. To combat body odour and underarm wetness, many people use a deodorant or antiperspirant. How do these products work, and what are the differences between them?

Fresh sweat itself is odorless. Only when sweat is decomposed by bacteria undesirable smell can occur. Deodorants combat body odour by containing fragrances that mask the smell. Furthermore, they contain antimicrobial ingredients that hinder bacterial growth. Thus, deodorants help against body odour without an impact on the sweat production itself.

In comparison, antiperspirants aim to reduce both body odour and underarm wetness and sweat stains. They contain aluminium salts, which temporarily plug sweat pores, reducing sweat flow and preventing wet spots under the arms. This not only reduces sweat flow and prevents wet underarm spots but also hinder the bacterial breakdown process. This, in turn, reduces body odour.

In short, deodorants combat body odour, while antiperspirants also reduce sweat production. The choice between these products depends on individual needs.

In the segment of antiperspirants, HIDROFUGAL has now launched an innovative new product: the FORTE ÜBER NACHT Roll-on. This product is specifically designed for evening application. Why is this so effective?

We have learned that the optimal application time in combination with a highly effective product formula is a crucial factor for protection against sweat and odour. For this reason, we have not only developed a highly effective formula with a specially activated antiperspirant ingredient for this new product but also redefined the most effective application timing. For this antiperspirant the ideal application time is during evening routine before a rest phase of several hours overnight.

When being applied before bedtime the body’s rest phase can be used optimally since the sweat glands are less active at night and sweat flow is lower than during the day. This highly effective formula, therefore, has sufficient time to build up a long-lasting effect without being hindered by sweat flow in the sweat gland outlet.

Our tests have shown that the FORTE ÜBER NACHT Roll-on is twice as effective compared to morning application. Even a morning shower does not affect the protection of the roll-on. The sweat-reducing ingredients are already absorbed overnight and remain effective.

Thank you, Heba, for these very interesting insights.

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