Are you ready to be at the forefront of digital innovation and play a pivotal role in transforming the digital future of skincare?

As a Digital & IT Trainee, you can shape your own journey based on your passions and interests. Discover cutting-edge solutions, collaborate with diverse teams, and create impactful outcomes as you embrace an agile mindset and contribute to adding value for consumers in a digitalized world with innovative products and solutions.

The main aim of our trainee program is to prepare you to steer us through future challenges by providing you with a holistic view of Beiersdorf IT through firsthand across all our various offerings. From day one you are taking ownership to co-create and contribute your ideas. Of course, like all BEYOND BORDERS trainees, you will also gain international experience. Where exactly? That’s up to you. For your six month stay abroad, you can choose one of our more than 170 subsidiaries worldwide. In addition, you will be part of our international trainee network, benefit from working on cross-functional projects and gain access to development activities such as training and mentoring. That’s how we prepare you for an international management career at Beiersdorf!


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Beiersdorf Trainee Program I BEYOND BORDERS


Currently the application phase is closed. Please register in our job board for a job alert and you will be automatically informed as soon as a new vacancy is posted.

Are you ready for our trainee program in Digital & IT?

We are looking for:

  • University degree (Bachelor/Master) in IT, Computer Science, Business Informatics, or any other field with a strong passion for IT & Digital
  • Strong passion for technology and digital innovation
  • Min. 6 months of practical experience through relevant internships
  • Min. 6 months of international experience during studies or internships
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and creativity
  • Exceptional communication skills and ability to collaborate with diverse teams
  • Fluency in English


[{"X":"150","Y":"260","Color":"default-color","HotspotDetail":[{"Type":"HotspotText","Title":"Technology Management (1 month)","Copy":"\u003cp\u003eKick off your trainee program in the heart of our operations with an immersive first month! Dive into IT Operations, IT Service Delivery, and Cyber Security, discovering the essential pillars of our tech landscape. This rotational experience offers a holistic view of our core IT business, setting the stage for your tech career\u0026rsquo;s solid foundation.\u003c/p\u003e","Link":{"Title":"","Url":""},"Button":null}]},{"X":"392","Y":"260","Color":"default-color","HotspotDetail":[{"Type":"HotspotText","Title":"Enterprise Architecture (1 month)","Copy":"\u003cp\u003eIn the next enriching phase, you\u0026acute;ll delve into the intersection between strategy and technology and you\u0026acute;ll learn how to foster the awareness for understanding the holistic picture of our corporate world by connecting the dots between business functions with our ever-evolving IT landscape.\u003c/p\u003e","Link":{"Title":"","Url":""},"Button":null}]},{"X":"633","Y":"260","Color":"default-color","HotspotDetail":[{"Type":"HotspotText","Title":"Business Value Management (6 months)","Copy":"\u003cp\u003eShape your journey and embrace versatility in your third step: Seamlessly divided into two 3-month segments or pursued as a continuous immersive experience, you\u0026rsquo;ll have the freedom to choose between our specialized IT Domains such as Supply Chain, Business Administration, Data \u0026amp; Analytics, or dive into IT Strategy \u0026amp; Transformation topics. Your path, your potential, your impact \u0026ndash; the choice is yours.\u003c/p\u003e","Link":{"Title":"","Url":""},"Button":null}]},{"X":"875","Y":"260","Color":"default-color","HotspotDetail":[{"Type":"HotspotText","Title":"International Assignment (6 months)","Copy":"\u003cp\u003eDuring your international assignment, you will get to know another market and new aspects of our business in one of our Beiersdorf IT hubs or Beiersdorf subsidiaries. While working on local IT topics, you will gain a sharper awareness of cultural differences \u0026ndash; an important skill for the next generation of managers in our globally active company.\u003c/p\u003e","Link":{"Title":"","Url":""},"Button":null}]},{"X":"1117","Y":"260","Color":"default-color","HotspotDetail":[{"Type":"HotspotText","Title":"Cross-functional assignment (4 months)","Copy":"\u003cp\u003eThis final step is when you literally go BEYOND BORDERS and deepen your expertise in another department that interests you. You can round up your business understanding by getting to know, for example, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources or Supply Chain Management.\u003c/p\u003e","Link":{"Title":"","Url":""},"Button":null}]}]