Beiersdorf provides worldwide support for employees facing life-threatening illnesses

  • Skin care company is introducing a global policy to support employees with critical illnesses
  • One-year job security and 100% salary compensation
  • Global minimum standards, irrespective of the local social security system

Hamburg, February 2, 2024 – It is a moment that changes everything: the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness. It disrupts people’s lives and leaves those affected in despair. In some countries, the fear of losing their job and, consequently, financial insecurity adds to the anxiety about their own lives. Beiersdorf aims to enable its employees to focus solely on their health treatment. The company will now provide its employees worldwide with a one-year job guarantee and 100% salary continuation following the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, as outlined in its new global Critical Illness Policy.

“At Beiersdorf, the well-being and health of our employees are of utmost importance,” says Vincent Warnery, CEO of Beiersdorf. “A life-threatening illness is an experience like no other – both personally and professionally. No one should go through this journey feeling isolated, with concerns about their job, financial stability, or career development. I’m pleased that our global Critical Illness Policy enables us to provide assistance during these challenging times so that our employees can fully focus on their recovery. Care at Beiersdorf goes far beyond skin care and is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Embracing care and caring for one another is not just a responsibility; it is an act of humanity. This understanding motivates us to be there for our employees along the way. They can confidently turn to us, and we will provide them with the best possible support in their fight against a life-threatening illness – anywhere in the world.”

A cornerstone in employee care

Beiersdorf’s global Critical Illness Policy aims to establish minimum standards worldwide and provide employees with access to its benefits, irrespective of the local social security system. The policy applies to certain criteria-defined physical critical illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, or cancer.

Cancer is one of the major health challenges of our time. Therefore, the company is making an important statement in light of World Cancer Day on Sunday by announcing the Critical Illness Policy.

Working with Cancer Pledge becomes a policy

One year ago, Beiersdorf became the first DAX-listed company to sign the Working with Cancer Pledge initiated by Publicis Groupe, committing itself to raising awareness about cancer and fighting against stigmatization in the workplace. Within twelve months, the company turned this pledge into a concrete, globally applicable policy.

“Still, too many employees do not disclose in their workplace that they are critically ill,” says Nicola Lafrentz, Board Member and Labor Director. “With our policy, we show our employees that we are there for them in these challenging times and in moments that matter. Through internal awareness programs and trainings, we are committed to removing any associated stigma that often comes with being diagnosed with a critical illness. This groundbreaking project was driven intensively by a passionate team. I am delighted that we will introduce it globally this year. We take responsibility for the well-being of our employees and strengthen our special WE culture, further anchoring our company value of Care in everything we do.”

All employees in the Consumer Business Segment worldwide are entitled to the following:

  • Job security and financial stability: Beiersdorf will secure the job for employees diagnosed with a critical illness and pay their full salary for up to one year. The company will supplement any existing payments from social insurance programs or national health systems.
  • Bereavement leave: In case of the loss of a close family member, employees will receive up to ten additional days of bereavement leave.
  • Compassionate leave for caregivers: Employees in a primary caregiver role for a critically ill immediate family member (e.g., partner, children, parents, siblings) will receive up to ten days of additional leave in the first year after the diagnosis.
  • Workplace accommodations and reintegration support: Affected employees will develop, together with their direct manager and the HR department, solutions to make their work routine easier. This could include flexible work arrangements or special office equipment. After a prolonged absence, a tailored reintegration plan will be developed based on the employee’s current capacity and readiness for work.


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