Waste and its proper management plays an important role in our focus field “Fully Circular Resources” and is a significant contributor to the reduction of our GHG emissions. We try to avoid waste wherever possible and aim to recycle unavoidable waste as effectively as possible. This enables a valuable contribution to climate protection. As the disposal of waste via landfill proves to be a particular burden on our environment and we are committed to the target of “Zero Waste to Landfill”.
The donation of overstock products to charitable organizations and the sustainable handling of foods are other examples of how we approach waste as a holistic topic within our sustainability agenda CARE BEYOND SKIN. Our other commitments can be found here.

Waste management in our production

Waste management in our production

We have continuously been working to reduce our waste to a large extent or even to avoid it completely. This applies particularly to our production facilities and warehouse locations. Here we face the challenge to keep the stock as low as possible, but at the same time to be able to deliver on time. As an environmentally conscious company, we also see it as our responsibility to make the best use of unavoidable waste. For this reason, we are constantly optimizing our disposal channels and separating waste such as cardboard and paper, foil or plastic packaging in order to return it to the material cycle, as far as the disposal structure in the respective countries allows this.

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Product donations

Despite precise supply chain planning, it is sometimes unavoidable that new and quality goods can not be sold. The result is then an overstock of products which still have an excellent quality. Our systems detect this situation at an early stage, for example even before the expiration of the best-before date, so we can mark the goods as potential donations. Skin care, cleansing and wound care products are needed in many social institutions and projects around the world. A special project in this context is our cooperation with the “In Kind Direct International” network, through which we can arrange product donations to charities in various European countries. In Germany we work together with the non-profit organization “innatura”.