Why we care about Diversity

As the inventor of modern skin care, we strive to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. The variety of our trusted brands and care products reflects the uniqueness of our consumers and everyone working at Beiersdorf.

We believe in a culture of belonging together while embracing authentic individuality. Diversity is what enriches us, and how we win in competitive markets worldwide.

We care for your uniqueness.

Diversity Manager Géraldine Weilandt holds overall responsibility for this program. For her, besides being a core company-policy topic, diversity is a growth factor. In the interview she explains why diversity is important to Beiersdorf.

Interview with Géraldine Weilandt, Beiersdorf Diversity Manager

Diversity is not a nice-to-have, it is a fundamental business necessity, an innovation driver, and is therefore one of the keys to our company’s success.
Géraldine Weilandt, Beiersdorf Diversity Manager

What does diversity mean to you?

For me diversity is the comprehensive integration of various cultures, experiences and people. More broadly it includes differences in personalities and perspectives.

Why is a diverse workforce so important?

In my opinion the advantages are clear: You access the full potential of your people, as inclusion promotes an enriching exchange of views, broader vision, openness to new ideas – and therefore also helps drive innovation  and continuous learning. You have a stronger market and consumer focus, as it helps you to understand the consumer better and it enables better penetration of demographically diverse markets. You have the opportunity to access the global market of talents and attract and retain them.

What efforts have you made, or been involved with, to foster diversity and understanding?

In my role as Marketing Director Pharmacy Germany I’m able to highlight the topic of diversity every day in relation to creativity, innovation and strategic decisions. The more diverse the team, the more valuable the results of creative processes. Here it’s important to recognize differences, as this allows us to complement each other better in our collaboration and to use synergies productively. In my teams I’ve been promoting flexible worktime models such as job sharing for years to achieve a better work-life balance. Besides this I’ve been a member of our “Women in Leadership” network at Beiersdorf from the very beginning, and as part of the core team have been able to encourage women to pursue their goals and give each other mutual support.
I am proud that since formal approval of the Diversity Action Plan we have already made significant progress in the Focus Areas “Women in Leadership” and “Internationality”. I’m looking forward to the challenge of taking diversity at Beiersdorf to the next level and creating a professional environment in which diversity is valued and preferred. Current figures show that we can’t rest on our laurels regarding the results we’ve achieved so far – we need to keep these important topics on the table.

What has helped you in your career within Beiersdorf?

When my children were born I was able to rely on the Beiersdorf Kindergarten, an outstanding organization that makes it much easier to balance career and family! Besides this I always had supervisors who trusted and supported me, even when this meant them having to change established working structures. Unfortunately, even today many supervisors need to be convinced that mothers returning from parental leave are an asset, not a burden.

Charter of Diversity

In 2012 we signed the “German Charter of Diversity”. This initiative aims to ensure that diversity is recognized, valued and included in the German working culture – irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, or sexual orientation.  

This charter is one of several that exist throughout Europe. Since 2010 these charters have been coordinated via a Europe-wide network by the EU.

Women in Leadership Positions

Since the “Law on Equal Participation of Women and Men in Leadership Positions” was passed, Beiersdorf AG is required by law to set targets for the share of women on the Executive Board and on the two most senior levels of management. For the Supervisory Board the statutory minimum share of at least 30% women and men applies (share as of end of December 2019; 42% women and 58% men).

The current targets and periods for achieving the share of women on the Executive Board and the two most senior management levels are as follows:

Beiersdorf AG:

Executive Board:                   Share of women at least 10% by June 30, 2022 (share as of end of December 2019: 13%) 
First management level:       Share of women at least 35% by June 30, 2022 (share as of end of December 2019: 31%)
Second management level:  Share of women at least 50% by June 30, 2022 (share as of end of December 2019: 48%)

We will announce the achievement of these targets for fiscal year 2022 at the latest in the Corporate Governance Statement and on this website.

Moreover, Beiersdorf set a global goal for the international share of women in the first top management groups (MG 1-3). By June 30, 2022, we aim at a share of women of 35% at MG 1-3. By end of 2019, the share of women has been as in the previous year 30%. 

Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg GmbH:

In the Consumer Business Segment, Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg GmbH is required by law alongside Beiersdorf AG to set targets for the share of women on the Supervisory Board and Managing Directors and on the two most senior management levels below the Managing Directors.

The following targets and periods for achieving the share of women are currently set:

Supervisory Board:                Share of women at least 33% by June 30, 2022
Managing Directors:               Share of women 0% by June 30, 2022*
First management level:         Share of women at least 18% by June 30, 2022
Second management level:    Share of women at least 25% by June 30, 2022
*Beiersdorf Manufacturing GmbH employs only one managing director. This position is currently filled by a man.

We will announce the achievement of these targets for fiscal year 2022 at the latest on this page of the website.

Our LGBTIQ+ network “Be You @Beiersdorf”

Be You @Beiersdorf

The diversity of identities and sexual orientation is also appreciated and celebrated. On the initiative of our own employees, we have founded a LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual, queer and more) community for everyone at Beiersdorf.

“Be You @Beiersdorf” aims to create an even more inclusive environment and visible community for everyone with diverse identities and sexual orientation, by:

  • building a network through internal and external events
  • improving the general understanding of LGBTIQ+ issues in the workplace
  • breaking down unconscious prejudices and stereotypes

Contact our network at BeYou@Beiersdorf.com