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Gender equality at Beiersdorf

As a global company, Beiersdorf always supported diversity. A workforce as diverse as the society is a pure enrichment, making a company more innovative, competitive and enables us to understand consumer needs in the best way possible. But to support diversity, equality between all people, is inevitable. Alongside international and cultural diversity, gender – especially equal career opportunities for women and men – has been a strong focus area for years at Beiersdorf.

The gender equality initiatives at Beiersdorf are following one ambitious goal: Beiersdorf aims to fill every second top management position with a woman.* To draw attention to Beiersdorf’s commitment, the film called #61 has been created. It shows, that for gender career equality there is still a long way to go:

*Refers to the three top management groups (MG1-3).

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Diana Lühmann

About the editor: Diana Lühmann

Since autumn 2019, Diana has been responsible for corporate communication related to HR and inspiring people at Beiersdorf. These include the areas of Diversity, Learning & Development, Career, Leadership, and Health. Previously, she was in charge of R&D Communications and explored the exciting world of our research and development.