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In our corporate blog, “Beiersdorf Live”, we will inform you about topics from our company’s international community, in a colorful mix of stories by our employees and the latest news. Concise, informative and authentic – this is our goal. See for yourself regularly: There is a whole new world to discover!

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Great news for atopic dermatitis sufferers

A recent clinical study has unveiled novel effects of medical skin care. Eucerin AtopiControl can create real relief for atopic dermatitis sufferers and extend their symptom-free intervals.

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#Career #People #International


Bright lights, big city

In the latest of our travelogue series we meet Luise. Two years into her Dual Study program, just like her peers, she needed to chose where to spend her international placement. She picked our new office in Singapore – the perfect place for her to gain insight into how NIVEA is marketed in Asia.

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#Career #People #International


On top Down Under

In the second of our series of Dual Study travelogues, Sophie recounts her experience of spending time in Consumer Marketing at Beiersdorf Australia Ltd. Not only did she get to learn about the Australian consumer market, but she discovered what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in August!

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#Brands #International


Beiersdorf – more than just skincare

When you think of Beiersdorf you probably think of NIVEA first, then maybe Eucerin, Hansaplast, La Prairie or other successful skin care brands. But you probably don't think of DUO – our condom brand.

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#Career #People #International


From Hamburg to Umhlanga

Dual Study student Mona-Marie has recently returned from Durban, South Africa, where, as part of her course, she spent an incredible three-months with the logistics team at our affiliates. Still buzzing from the experience, she’s written up her memories in a travelogue.

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#People #International #Career


Crossing countries without compromises

Géraldine manages her career and her two children at the same time and credits our family friendly opportunities for allowing her to combine her family and her profession.

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#Digitalization #Career


Why have one career when you could have two?

How would you like to get the best of both worlds? Working for an international FMCG expert and a successful multi-channel business at the same time. Sound interesting? Check out MY CROSS-COMPANY CAREER.

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#Innovation #SupplyChain #Research


Opening our doors to our best suppliers

We’ve always been open to the idea of bringing in external expertise to allow us to push the boundaries of our product development. This means proactively encouraging collaboration with trusted partners. As well as our ongoing Pearlfinder initiative, we recently hosted our first Supplier Fair, opening the gates of our Research & Development department to three longstanding strategic partners.

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#Brands #Responsibility #Sustainability


Bye-bye microbeads

We are delighted to announce that we have succeeded in replacing all our polyethylene-based scrub particles with environmentally friendly alternatives. This move is in line with our sustainability strategy “We care.” in which we’ve committed to both the high quality of and the usage of more environmentally friendly sources in our products.

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#Responsibility #Brands #Sustainability


NIVEA Family Christmas Market

For the third year running our headquarters in Hamburg was transformed into the NIVEA Family Christmas Market for one day. This charity event, organised by our employees, is part of our global commitment to supporting and caring for families in need.

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#Career #People


Two people, one job

Beiersdorf has embraced the modern way of job sharing with open arms – even at senior level. Meet Natali Proff-de Hadviger and Martina Schuldt who job share as Senior International Brand Managers on NIVEA SUN.

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