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#Brands #Innovation #Research #Sustainability


“Freedom to Innovate”: Working in a Startup Atmosphere

The initiative from Beiersdorf Research & Development enables employees to implement their innovative ideas.

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#Digitalization #Innovation #Brands


Augmented Reality: The next level of storytelling

In times of digital change, the traditional history lesson is replaced by the next level of storytelling: Augmented Reality. We met with Jasper Krog, Senior Global Digital Innovation Manager at Beiersdorf, and let him explain the whole thing to us.

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#Digitalization #Innovation #Brands


Making digitalization valuable for kindergartens

The Care App has the potential to make life easier for nursery school teacher and parents. It helps them to focus on the most important thing – the child.

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#Digitalization #Innovation #Brands


NIVEA is taking crowdsourcing to the next level

The crowdsourcing initiative gives digitally-driven consumers the opportunity to participate in and contribute to new NIVEA projects.

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#Research #People #Innovation


New York, New York – “And Action!”

Our researchers at a conference in New York and in the new video “Q10 – 20 Years of Successful Skin Research.”

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#Brands #People #Innovation


The birth of a royal – NIVEA Deo CROWN

Find out how colleagues from Supply Chain, Packaging Development and Marketing collaborated on the biggest deodorant relaunch in the history of Beiersdorf.

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#Innovation #People #Digitalization


“I see a risk in not taking any risks.”

Dirk Ploss, Digital Tech Scout at Beiersdorf, talked with us about world-improvers, technical affinity and the misunderstandings of digitalization.

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#Research #Digitalization #Innovation


Skin Hack 2.0: The tech youth are here

Programming in Skolkovo, Russia: To win over tomorrow’s smartest, Beiersdorf Research invited the tech youth to Skin Hack 2.0. Read more about the competition.

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#Brands #Digitalization #Innovation


A Virtual Journey Through the Skin

Our virtual reality application "Beiersdorf VR Skin Exploration“ makes it possible to experience a virtual journey through the skin. Get to know more about the mixed reality tool, which allows the effectiveness of the products and active ingredients to be experienced by an emotional transfer of knowledge.

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#Brands #Innovation


Out of the blue

NIVEA is known and trusted by consumers the world over. Its texture, smell and bright white crème evoke childhood memories while its iconic blue tin has stood for quality, trust and care for generations. But what’s the secret to its enduring success?

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#Innovation #SupplyChain #Research


Opening our doors to our best suppliers

We’ve always been open to the idea of bringing in external expertise to allow us to push the boundaries of our product development. This means proactively encouraging collaboration with trusted partners. As well as our ongoing Pearlfinder initiative, we recently hosted our first Supplier Fair, opening the gates of our Research & Development department to three longstanding strategic partners.

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