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Tell me where you live, and I’ll develop what you need

Genes, environment and culture –geocosmetics researcher Dr. Nils Hoffmann reveals how these factors influence our choice of skin care products.

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#Research #Digitalization #Innovation


Skin Hack 2.0: The tech youth are here

Programming in Skolkovo, Russia: To win over tomorrow’s smartest, Beiersdorf Research invited the tech youth to Skin Hack 2.0. Read more about the competition.

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#Digitalization #Research


The Beauty of AI

Sven Clemann from Beiersdorf’s R&D took part in the “Korean Future Forum 2017” and spoke about his team’s research into Artificial Intelligence and skin care.

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#People #Research


The people behind our products – Dr. Marc Winnefeld

Check out the third episode of our series “The people behind our products” and get to know Dr. Marc Winnefeld!

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#Research #Brands


Great news for atopic dermatitis sufferers

A recent clinical study has unveiled novel effects of medical skin care. Eucerin AtopiControl can create real relief for atopic dermatitis sufferers and extend their symptom-free intervals.

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#Innovation #SupplyChain #Research


Opening our doors to our best suppliers

We’ve always been open to the idea of bringing in external expertise to allow us to push the boundaries of our product development. This means proactively encouraging collaboration with trusted partners. As well as our ongoing Pearlfinder initiative, we recently hosted our first Supplier Fair, opening the gates of our Research & Development department to three longstanding strategic partners.

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