Our BEYOND BORDERS graduate trainee programs

Update on Covid-19

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, we have decided to postpone the recruiting processes for our Graduate Trainee Program. At this point in time, we expect to start recruiting in the second half of this year for a start in early 2021. Please register on our job board and create a job agent to not miss the start of the next recruiting round. Thank you for your interest and your understanding.

Join us as a graduate trainee

Are you ready to begin your career in a challenging but collaborative environment? Do you have the drive and ambition to make a real difference to our business and our consumers? Are you keen to build your experience internationally? If so, our graduate trainee program BEYOND BORDERS could be exactly what you’re looking for.



For the time being, there are no job postings planned. Please register in our job board for a job agent and you will be automatically informed as soon as a new vacancy is posted.

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Our BEYOND BORDERS programs:

Our graduate trainee program

Are you interested in one of the job openings at Beiersdorf? Then go ahead and apply online here on the website. Find out how you could go BEYOND BORDERS.

Marketing & Sales

Do you care about our brands and products as much as we do?

You could begin your career working with modern marketing and sales tools to help us strengthen our market share and increase our profits nationally and internationally.

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Could you help us deliver our digital ambitions?

You could expand your online skills to help us predict and respond to our ever-changing digital world. Digital Marketing & E-Commerce is the most recent discipline we have added to our BEYOND BORDERS trainee programme.

Finance & Controlling

Can you see the business behind the numbers?

We need analytical minds and confident communicators to ensure our financial profitability and sustainable growth. You could work closely with our management teams and help build financial business cases.  

Supply Chain Management

Do you want to be involved from concept to consumer?

We’re looking for forward-thinking yet flexible trainees to help us constantly improve and streamline our supply chain, maximising our internal resources without compromising our safety standards or consumer trust.

Human Resources

Can you help us build and maintain diverse yet complementary teams?

As a business that revolves around care, we reply on our human resource team to employ and nurture the best people; ones that care about each other and the business.

How to apply

Interested in going BEYOND BORDERS with us? Have a look at our open positions.