Stakeholder Engagement Overview

As a global skin care company, it is important for Beiersdorf to build strong, sustainable relationships with our stakeholders. These include employees, consumers, business partners, investors, research scientists, policy makers and public administrations, as well as our local neighboring communities and non-profit organizations (NPOs).
Sustainability is a complex topic and obviously, we can achieve much more in a joint effort – all together. That is why, we address many topics in broader partnerships with other companies and players. Such partnerships give us the opportunity to share ideas and take part in discussions and debates. Often, they enable us to make our value chain more sustainable – also beyond our direct control.

Employee Engagement

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Employees have a strong interest in sustainability issues and want to work for a company that shares their values and actively engages them in its sustainability commitment. This is becoming an ever-more important requirement to attract, retain and motivate employees.
We believe that we can only strengthen our sustainability commitment with the support of our employees. To achieve this, we actively inform, inspire and involve our employees and engage them in our sustainability initiatives, for instance by providing volunteering opportunities.
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Consumer Engagement

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A growing number of consumers expect the companies they buy their products from to have a positive impact on the environment and society. They demand products that generate less waste, and look for ways to make their own social and environmental contribution.
To achieve this, we are providing our consumers with sustainable product solutions, and we actively engage with them in our sustainability commitment − for example, through social sponsoring initiatives. 
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Involvement of our Suppliers

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Establishing long-term relationships with our suppliers on an equal footing benefits both parties.
We have high standards and we consider outstanding product quality, fair working conditions, and environmental protection as priority topics. To ensure we achieve and maintain these objectives, we foster strategic supplier management through regular dialog and joint projects. For instance, we include our suppliers in product development to better enable us to reduce the environmental impact of our products.
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Involvement of NPOs

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NPOs play an important role in forming the landscape of public decision-making, and giving a voice to public and environmental concerns. They have profound knowledge and expertise in their core topics and can therefore give valuable advice and insight on how to tackle the environmental and social issues we face.
We believe that an active and open dialogue with NPOs about sustainability is of mutual benefit to define action agendas that drive sustainable development. We have therefore decided to engage with NPOs, for example on mitigating the risks associated with the palm supply chain as well as climate change.            
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Our Multi-Stakeholder Dialog

We nurture rich relationships with our stakeholders.
For example, in November 2016 we conducted our first Sustainability-Roundtable in Hamburg.

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